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Anonymous asked:

Are you back or casually visiting? :)

Just visiting :)

03.31.14 @ 17:4814901

03.31.14 @ 17:475411

Well, hi there.

Anonymous asked:

You've helped me so much on here so thank you for being here while you were! Good luck with well your life haha bye :(


Anonymous asked:

Do you spend too much time on tumblr or what's your reason to deactivate? :/ I think we'll all miss your well-chosen posts :(

Yes. Way too much time. It’s not just that, though. Like it fucking stresses me out…my anxiety has been through the roof lately and I don’t even know if it’s actually tumblr, but it’s definitely a factor. I just need to focus on myself for once.

Anonymous asked:

You haven't deactivated yet and I miss you already :c


Anonymous asked:

What no why you going?

I’m so over it and I’ve become really negative towards tumblr. It makes me anxious and lazy at the same time. I’ll deactivate when I’m next on my laptop. I do have a personal blog that I’m working on, but it’s nothing like this and will have personal info…so I’m not telling anyone what it is unless we were close on here or something. I just need to focus more on other things and help myself, rather than trying to help other people and making myself anxious over things.