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What's hard core sex?

If you are living in this world without knowing about Google…I would feel extremely sorry for you. However, google is the search engine of all search engines and will give you billions of answers to that ONE question! You’re welcome. 😁

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Thank you for all the wonder advice and effort you have placed into this blog. You really have helped a lot of people. You're a beautiful person, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I wish you all the best. X

I love you, anon 😘


she sells weed by the seashore

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Do you think a wooden spoon for penetration would be good?

I know they’re sanded, but I immediately thought splinters.

EDIT: This might help! Masturbating Tips for Girls

liamariaa asked:

Maybe I'm a late comer here and maybe you'll never read this. But I wanna share something with you, Maybe I was blessed. But I remember my mom once telling me ( when I was uber super little) that liking both girls and boys was a scale. Everyone falls somewhere in the middle. Very few people can be a hard ten and hate girls and very few people are a one and love only girls and girls only forever and always. Reading your blog for the last couple minutes you are sweet and an inspiration!

I actually really like this. Thank you!

Hey I'm glad you shared your life with us. You were one of the first sex blogs I've followed. I'm glad the blog helped you gained confidence in yourself, I have to say your body is perfect, I'm not even joking, despite you probably disagreeing. You had a cool personality too, thanks for sharing and best of luck! :D

Thank you very much!!

wsclg asked:

If you delete your blog, you do. Those of us who care enough to love you will be saddened, but will understand. The rest - meh. Be good to those who care for and love you. Be kind to the rest for they are the ones most in need of kindness.

Thank you!

newdude657 asked:

why are you deleting? :/ it sucks that'll you'll be gone soon :(

Fear of exposure, I suppose. I’m talking about this like I’m some form of supernatural creature. It’s so weird. I don’t think the blog is healthy and honestly it makes me anxious in a few ways. Not being able to answer people in need/help them…and then worrying about them and their problems. I explained more in a recent ask, but yeah.

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Pleeeeeaassseeee don't delete

I wish I could keep all of you as followers and change the blog completely, but i still wouldn’t have the freedom to post whatever I want. I can’t post my face, I can’t share my personal information or even the city or state I live in without the fear of being stalked or found out. If I posted a photo of myself and stated my whereabouts…I think I’d be in danger of having people look out for me if they lived close and regularly kept up with my blog. That frightens me. I’m sure some of you are wonderful and most of you that I’ve spoken to are lovely people, but not everyone is.

The Internet isn’t a safe place. It will always be dangerous. I was at a weird stage when I created this blog. I was insanely insecure about my physical appearance. I am so grateful for all of you who helped me out with that. I am still overcoming a few things, but that’s a main part of this blog that I’ll always be thankful for. I am glad that I have been able to help people with a multitude of things and give them confidence and advice in times of need. I am SO glad to have met some of you. You know who you are… I wish I could do more with it, but it’s not really that “acceptable.”

I don’t think I’ll ever completely delete this blog, I may just use it to vent, take photos and possibly show off some art as well as the occasional advice Q & A’s. I’m just not sure yet. I did love running this blog though.

So hard to delete tbh.

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Before you delete can I ask you a relationship question

Of course.

rosales-15 asked:

I like how real you are on this pages c:

Thank you!