Anonymous asked:

Somy dick is below average so i make it so i go down on. Girls and finger for about 80% of sex, is that okay or do you prefer more dick even if small

I really don’t care about penis size. Honestly.

07.27.14 @ 08:11172556

Anonymous asked:

This guy I'm talking to keeps asking for nudes of my vagina. I'm fine with that. But do you have any recommendations on how to take a picture? Poses or anything?

I don’t like exchanging photos of genitalia, haha. I hate close up pics like that for some reason…so I don’t really know poses, haha. I’m sure there’s plenty on here that you get an idea from, though!

Hey, I'm 19, from Grand Cayman, Straight.

This ain’t Omegle.

07.27.14 @ 01:0497401

Anonymous asked:

shaven or hairy pussy? i've always been self conscious about what to do down there

It’s all about personal preference, as long as you’re clean…hair shouldn’t matter. :)

reedwithers asked:

What age group of males would you date?


Anonymous asked:

whereabouts do you live in Australia?


I cant find your moan :(

Go onto my blog and scroll down it’s in a video format.

Anonymous asked:

I think I just came from listening to you moan..........I wanna make you do that

Oh wow haha

Anonymous asked:

You can still make them moan. Use a vid gorgeous

Sorry, but my tongue and fingers would so such a better job.

Anonymous asked:

link to your moan? i want to hear!

Scroll down haha

When so many attractive girls are liking your audio and you’re just like…they like my moans. I wanna make them moan.

addictrevil asked:

do you use an digital slr?

I use my iPhone, haha! I have an SLR, but I don’t want those photos on it, haha.

Anonymous asked:

Maybe you could post a regular audio clip on your personal tumblr when you feel better?

Haha that’s unlikely